mma fighter fred 2

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train hard fight well
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Comments (8 total)
By:  guest 1385 days ago

u suck dick, no skill at all, just horrible

By:  guest 1387 days ago

pinches putos

By:  guest 1472 days ago

no head work/foot work...hands are down...0/5

By:  guest 1512 days ago

And u actually had the nerve to call yourself "mma fighter" this is very lame, and seriously, don't post that "upload ur own video" crap on me because either way this video sucks

By:  guest 1635 days ago

WTF? You trailer trash need to go get some REAL training then post a video! Watch out the 12yr old girl next door don't beat your ass lol

By:  guest 1652 days ago

just looks like a guy hitting a dummy to me, no face or body protection or footwork

By:  guest 1671 days ago

needs to keep his hands up even in training

By:  guest 1676 days ago

no, vidím roky skúseností :)